Monday, February 1, 2010

Musings before Day 1 of Practice in February

Well I have another 12 minutes or so, before I head out of the house to wait for a bus (I have to walk up the hill to get the bus), to catch another bus, and then walk and go shopping for lunch and then have my morning coffee....

Last night I finished reading: Cohen's Book ( and it really is fantastic. I love Bach, I mean he was an amazing musician, father, and CHRISTIAN. That's right (and so people who have a problem with religion and flute, don't bother to continue to read).

Jesu Juva and Soli de Gloria is from Bach, and in most of my flute books. Jesu Juva meaning God help me (and believe you me you need all the help you can get when you're nervous as hell, and trying to only use one breath in the Prelude to an Afternoon of a Faun by Debussy at an audition) and at the end of the page "Soli De Gloria" (to God by the Glory) [ so don't play flat {Only my flutist friends who have heard me play live will get this joke} ]. Anyway for me Bach is the hardest composer to play, because he played, lived and worked for God, and you're trying to perform a work by this amazing person who was like God's composer...IMHO.

Anyway is 7:40am...More on this later!

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